Frequently Asked Questions About Telepsychiatry

Patient FAQs

1. What is telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is the practice of psychiatry conducted via a video conference connection. A live, secure video connection is established between an offsite location (a clinic, doctor's office or home office) and a mental health facility. A typical psychiatric office visit is conducted except that the physician and the patient are not in the same physical location.

2. Will telepsychiatry replace seeing a doctor in person?

No. Telepsychiatry should not be seen as a substitute or replacement. It should be seen as a supplemental tool. Technology will not replace people. But people benefit from technology. This opens more options for not only our doctors, but for our patients.

3. How often can I see a doctor or therapist?

This is something to be discussed with your physician. Our goal is to customize our services to your needs.

4. How do I schedule and appointment at your physical location?

Hospital FAQs

1. How can telepsychiatry benefit hospitals and mental health clinics?

Facilities in remote rural locations that have a difficult time recruiting can benefit from telepsychiatry. Telepsychiatry providers can be physically located anywhere in the United States, but as long as they have the appropriate licenses, they can see your patients. Another use for telepsychiatry is to fill a part-time position. If your facility has enough volume only for a half-time provider, you might have an easier time finding a telepsychiatry provider to fill that need than recruiting a psychiatrist to work on-site part-time. Telepsychiatry can be your back-up for vacations, leaves or after hours on-call coverage.

2. Does this service ensure our patients’ privacy and is it HIPAA compliant?

Yes our services and physicians are all HIPAA compliant. Also to ensure security, our services use a secure, private video session with a level 5 platform fully encrypted.

3. How is this more cost effective?

As an organization you are not locked into a certain amount of consults, providing the ability to use the service as needed with no penalties for additional consults.

4. What equipment is required for these services?

We strongly encourage clients to use existing computer equipment in order to be cost effective. For tele services equipment questions email [email protected]

5. How quick is the response time for a consult?

Ability to have a psychiatrist provide face-to-face follow-up within less than 2 hours for Emergency Room and less than 24 hours for inpatient from the initial telemedicine evaluation if determined to be clinically necessary.

6. I'm a mental health professional. How can telepsychiatry benefit me?

Telepsychiatry gives a lot of flexibility to mental health providers. It makes the most efficient use of your time. If you spend a lot of time commuting, why not try telecommuting? If you generally provide your services to multiple clinics in your town, you can stay put and see patients at an offsite clinic using telepsychiatry.

For more information contact us (407) 217-6925 or [email protected]

7. Is technical support available?

Yes. Our platform has it's own 24 hour technical support available directly online or over the phone.